Plural raised a $6M seed round. Photo by Clemens van Lay / Unsplash

Announcing Plural's $6M Seed Round 🚀

Plural raised a $6M seed round let by SignalFire with participation from Primary Venture Partners, Susa, and an incredible set of angel investors.

Sam Weaver
Sam Weaver

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Supercharging Open Source Ops 🦸‍♀️

When Michael and I joined forces last year and talked about the opportunity for Plural, I got excited – more excited than I had in a long time. Every day, companies are realizing that they need to become software companies in order to stay competitive. Open source will continue to proliferate to accelerate companies’ development, but open source is fragmented, hard to consume and tricky to integrate. The amount of rework done by teams every day to stitch together components and inject basic tools like observability, identity management and security is insane.

That’s what we are setting out to change.

We believe Plural can bring ops teams and open source vendors closer together. By leveraging Kubernetes and a bunch of Plural magic, we can create standardized, production-ready deployments of the worlds best open source infrastructure all managed in one place – the Plural platform and marketplace.

To achieve this vision, I’m super excited to share that we have raised a $6M seed round led by SignalFire with participation from Primary Venture Partners, Susa and not to mention an incredible set of angel investors.

What’s Next for Plural ➡️

Creating the standard for deployment of open source is a big vision and one that I couldn’t be more excited about at Plural. To drive our vision we will be focused on:

  1. Creating a massive and engaged community of Plural users.
  2. Delivering more features and products that make deploying and managing complex infrastructure at scale a seamless experience
  3. Expanding our catalogue of applications to provide users with best-in-breed software across multiple categories.

Thank you’s 🙏

We are super thankful to all those coming along this journey with us. In particular I would like to say thank you to Oana at SignalFire and Brian at Primary – both are tremendous thought partners that any founder would be lucky to have in their corner. We couldn’t ask for a better group of angels, investors, advisors, community members (and friends and family!) to support, mentor and cheer us on.

Join our team at Plural🏋️

We’re building a world-class team to tackle some of the most interesting problems using technologies like Kubernetes, Elixir, Golang, and React. We are a remote first company with bases in New York and London. If you are motivated by hard challenges and want to be a part of what we are doing, we are hiring for roles across engineering, product, design, sales and marketing.

Check out our open roles here.

Join Plural's Discord and Check Out Plural's Github

One last thing! Having you as part of community would mean the world to us! If what we are doing is interesting in any way to you, please feel free to be a part of it.

We are super excited to be on this journey and I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated on what is next.




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