Here's what our team has been up to this fall and what we have planned for the rest of the year.

Plural Fall Product Roundup

Here's what our team has been up to this fall and what we have coming for the rest of the year.

Sam Bolian
Sam Bolian

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As Plural’s usage continues to grow, we’re balancing ease of use with onboarding the latest and greatest applications requested by our user base.

Read on for highlights of our new features and application onboardings below and check out our in-app roadmap for the most comprehensive overview of what we’ve been working on!

New features

Plural AI chat

We added our Plural AI command to our CLI earlier this year to help answer any questions you may have about Plural and debugging Kubernetes generally. We’re now also exposing Plural AI through our Console - we’ve updated our Command+K palette with commands to open a Plural AI helper and search our documentation in a single place. You can also directly contact our support team while inside the Console via the Command+K palette for further assistance.

Database backup and restore

While managing complex setups, you may need to dismantle an application with a corresponding database and reinstall it on a new cluster. Until now, reinstalling an application with Plural meant losing all of its historical data. With our new Database Restoration feature, you can back up data residing in an application’s Postgres and restore it elsewhere.

Plural Pro Free Trial

We’re offering a 30-day free trial of our Plural Pro plan for all new signups, including advanced user management, an unlimited number of users, multi-cluster management, VPN, and more. All new users will start automatically, and open-source users can click the “Try free trial” button on our billing page to activate Plural Pro.

New applications


Deploying Temporal on Plural
Use Plural to securely deploy and manage Temporal on Kubernetes, in your cloud.
Temporal on Kubernetes

Temporal is a microservice orchestration platform which enables developers to build scalable applications without sacrificing productivity or reliability. Temporal server executes units of application logic, Workflows, in a resilient manner that automatically handles intermittent failures and retries failed operations.


Deploying Cube on Plural
Use Plural to securely deploy and manage Cube on Kubernetes, in your cloud.
Deploy Cube on Kubernetes

Cube is the semantic layer for every data app. Connect data silos, drive consistent metrics, and power your AI and analytics with context.


Deploying Imgproxy on Plural
Use Plural to securely deploy and manage Imgproxy on Kubernetes, in your cloud.
Deploy Imgproxy on Kubernetes

Imgproxy is a fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images.


Deploying Neo4j on Plural
Use Plural to securely deploy and manage Neo4j on Kubernetes, in your cloud.

Neo4j is the world’s leading Graph Database, allowing users to discover patterns and insights across billions of data connections.

Coming soon

Cluster provisioning with Cluster API

We’re transitioning our cluster provisioning from relying solely on Terraform to using the Kubernetes Cluster API, allowing us to deliver over-the-air upgrades for Kubernetes and unlock easier adoption for existing clusters. CAPI rollout will happen gradually, and we’re currently provisioning select new clusters using CAPI.

Plural Continuous Deployments (CD)

We’re extending Plural beyond the current open source marketplace to be an end-to-end solution for managing Kubernetes clusters and application deployment! We’re gearing up for a big release to meet the needs we’ve heard from our users, including easy cluster provisioning, continuous deployment capabilities, and full visibility into your cluster ecosystem. Check out more information on our website and register your interest for early access.

Thanks for reading! Try out our new features and let us know what you think by shooting us a comment in Discord.

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