Reliable infrastructure that just works.

Plural is an end-to-end platform to deploy and manage production-ready open-source applications in your cloud environment.

Get started
A depiction of Plural's web-app.

Getting started

Start building infrastructure with the tools you need in 3 steps.
Read the quick start guide.

1. Install the Plural CLI

Or use our Cloud Shell that already has all required dependencies.

2. Install your applications

Discover over 50 open-source apps on the Plural marketplace and install them with a single command.

3. Run 'plural build' and 'plural deploy'

Yep—just two commands and you’re deployed on the cloud of your choice.

Plural's architecture

Plural offers an end-to-end platform experience to onboard, manage, and scale your open-source infrastructure with our Marketplace, CLI, and Console.

Plural Marketplace

Choose from over 50 applications to deploy onto Kubernetes in the cloud of your choice.

Plural CLI

Configure applications from the terminal on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Plural Console

To manage, monitor, secure and upgrade all applications in your infrastructure.
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A depiction of Plural's architecture
Scale to meet demand with one-click operational run-books.
Seamless upgrades deployed in dependency aware order to ensure zero downtime.
Turnkey single sign-on with our OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider.
Pre-packaged dashboards and log aggregation for complete observability.
Plural provides cost analysis for application level visibility into cloud spend.
Enterprise grade security, including audit trails and security scans for Helm, Terraform, and Docker images.