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Plural's Architecture

Our architecture has three main components, each as powerful as the next:

Plural API and Marketplace.

To deploy an application to your cluster, or to list your own.

Plural Console.

To maintain the state of a user’s applications. Support is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Plural CLI and Git SCM.

To manage, monitor, and upgrade all applications in your infrastructure.

A layout of Plural's Architecture.

Plural Console

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Scale without a second thought.

Scale to meet demand with one-click operational run-books for key cluster operations.

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Out-of-the-box audits and logs.

Timestamped audit trail for all cluster applications along with searchable, downloadable logs.

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Seamless upgrades.

Every dependency automatically upgraded in the correct order, in a rolling manner.

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Advanced insights.

Pre-packaged insights and dashboards for the highest importance metrics—from day one.

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OpenID Connect.

Plural comes equipped with OpenID connect from day one.

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Built with freedom in mind.

All Plural applications are fully customizable and able to be ejected at any time.

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Top-notch security.

Plural performs regular security scans for application images.

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Built with your bottom line in mind.

Plural provides cost analysis for overall cluster speed.

Getting started

First step

Install the Plural CLI.

Or use our Cloud Shell that already has all required dependencies.

Second step

Install your applications.

Discover over 50 OSS apps on the Plural marketplace and install them with a single command.

Third step

Run `plural build` and `plural deploy`.

Yep—just two commands and you’re successfully deployed on the cloud of your choice.

An illustration depicting what it is like to get started with Plural in the command line.

Deploy in Minutes

Join hundreds of people running hundreds of applications effortlessly with Plural.

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