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Airflow is a beast.

Deploying and managing Airflow is a real headache. With a ton of components to orchestrate, the complexity of self managing Airflow is often the last thing on your mind. Switching to an Airflow managed service provider makes sense, but now your costs are spiraling out of control and you’re wondering what to do? Plural is here to help.

The feel of a managed service, with none of the cost.

Plural automates the deployment and operation of Airflow in your cloud. Get up and running with your Airflow instance in minutes and let Plural deploy Airflow and all its dependencies into your cloud with all of the day-2 operations handled out of the box.

Simple to install in your cloud
Built-in cost management, monitoring, automatic upgrades, and scaling
On call SRE and support available
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Case study

How Modeo utilizes Plural for their customers

Modeo’s goal is to make working with data a much simpler process for even the smallest of companies that don’t have a data engineering presence.

"We’re a small team with a lot on our plate. For Kubernetes deployments, we would have to think about terraform, security, access control, and a bunch of other things. We just needed to get our data infrastructure to work as quickly as possible."

Ismael estimates that, it would have taken his team weeks to deploy their application. “Plural was great for our small team as it helped us go from weeks to hours to get our Kubernetes deployments up and running” he added.

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Build your data stack with Airflow on Plural.

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