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Plural empowers DevOps teams to build and maintain cloud-native and production-ready OSS infrastructure on Kubernetes.

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Plural is free and open source.
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Discover over 50 production-ready open source packages in our marketplace

Start or extend your infrastructure in minutes.

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Bring your cloud, we’ll handle the rest

Made for your cloud, for projects big and small. Plural is the platform that takes the complexity out of building great infrastructure.

No vendor lock-in.

Configurations and deployment are fully ejectable from Plural. Don’t like what you see? Walk away. Everything stays running, no hard feelings.

Batteries included.

Baked-in observability, logging, auditing, and user auth.

Fully customizable.

Take total control and customize each application to suit your needs.

Start instantly, manage easily.

Use a simple 2-command flow for installs and upgrades.

A snippet of Plural's app—deploying an app on a cloud of your choice.
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Beautifully smooth operations

Batteries included.

Built-in observability.

Beautiful dashboards and comprehensive logs for complete peace of mind.

Secure out of the box.

Secrets stored securely in one place. Operations audit trails. Security scans. OpenID Connect. We think about security from the ground up.

Scale, don’t stress.

Automatically run complex operations and scale instances through interactive, low-code runbooks.

Zero downtime upgrades.

Say goodbye to stressful upgrades. Plural uses an intelligent dependency graph and GitOps Automation to keep your Plural-managed applications up-to-date.

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Production grade from day one

Built for the cloud.

Plural is optimized for you to bring your own cloud and run on top of Kubernetes with the ideal cluster distribution.

Developer friendly.

Use our simple GitOps driven workflow for deploying and managing applications, and a centralized configuration in a single repo.

Fully open source.

Plural was built with the community in mind from day one. We are and will always be open source.

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Join hundreds of people running hundreds of applications effortlessly with Plural.

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