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Plural deployments

Deploy and manage your software with Plural on your cloud

Resource authoring with cdk8s

  • Easily define K8s applications
  • Can be applied to any cluster
  • Unit testing
  • Package management

Point and click cluster creation

  • Seamlessly spin up clusters in your cloud
  • Managed provisioner for consistent setup
  • Self-hosted for maximum security
  • Multi-cloud compatible

Continuous deployment

  • Self-serviceably deploy your services
  • Secure secret iniection based on in-cluster vault
  • Easy UI for creating deployment pipelines

Point and click cluster creation with cluster API

  • Rapidly create new Kubernetes environments across any cloud without ever having to write terraform
  • Managed, zero-downtime upgrades with cluster api reconciliation loops, don’t worry about sloppy and fragile terraform rollouts
  • Dynamically add and remove nodes to your cluster node topology as you like

Deploy from git in one click

  • Use scaffolds to create functional gitops deployments in a flash
  • First class support for to provide a robust Kubernetes authoring experience with unit testability and package management
  • Integrated secret management

Move Code to Production with Powerful Pipelines

Ferry code changes from development to production with powerful integration tests and approval workflows.

All your deployments in one place

A single, scalable user interface where your org can deploy and monitor everything fast.