January was a busy month for us. Here is what we shipped.

Plural Product Update January 2023

January was a busy month for us at Plural. We added a live demo environment, In-App product roadmap, and added Lightdash.

Sam Bolian
Sam Bolian

January was a busy month for us. Here is what we shipped.

P.S. We’re going live on Product Hunt Feb 10, 2023 . We’d appreciate your support when we launch.

Live Demo Environment

We recently launched a demo environment on our website to allow potential users to access a running instance of the Plural Console. Check it out here.

In-App Product Roadmap

Want a better way to see what we are working at? Our in-app roadmap has a refined view of what apps and features were requested and/or in flight.


This roadmap is updated weekly, and pulls from our two Github roadmaps:

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Docs Updates

We made a few updates to our documentation site:

  • Added documentation on adding users to applications through Plural Marketplace and Plural Console: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/146/files
  • Added documentation on managing cost of your cluster and applications: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/139/files
  • Added new workspace encryption guide: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/142
  • Added CLI command reference: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/132
  • Added section on debugging and deleting Kubernetes pods: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/127/files
  • Extended documentation on destructive operations: https://github.com/pluralsh/documentation/pull/103

New Applications


Deploying lightdash on Kubernetes
Use Plural to deploy and manage lightdash on Kubernetes, in your cloud.

Lightdash is an open-source platform that turns your dbt project into a full-stack business intelligence suite.

Do you want to suggest an application to add to our marketplace? Head over to our GitHub to submit your idea, and a team member will follow up shortly.


Since our last newsletter, we published five articles, appeared on one podcast, and had one product demo.

Our CTO and Co-Founder Michael Guarino breaks down Dagster and Airflow, highlighting why Dagster is the more modern choice.

Architecture Review: Dagster vs. Airflow
We dive into the weeds to figure out what separates Dagster from Airflow at the architectural level.

Abhi wrote an introductory article breaking down all of the options you have when setting up an open-source data infrastructure.

Your Blueprint to Building Reliable Data Infrastructure With Open-Source
The Data Engineering blueprint for data infrastructure that outlines the open-source options at each layer of the modern data stack.

Michael outlines why he thinks that companies using open-source technology may be able to avoid the negative effects of the current tech downturn.

Open-Source is the Way Out of a Tech Downturn
2022 was a brutal year for the tech industry. Here’s why open-source is the way out of the current tech downturn.

Want to get to know me better? I introduced myself to the Plural community in an interview last month.

Welcoming Sam Bolian as the Lead Product Manager for Plural
Sam Bolian is Plural’s first Lead Product Manager. Before joining Plural, Sam spent the last 6.5 years at Palantir. Let’s get to know Sam.

For Digitas, standardizing a way to deploy open-source software was high up on his list of priorities, here’s why they chose Plural.

How Digitas Standardized Application Deployment by Using Plural
Ean Garcia-Rollings is the SVP of Technology at Digitas. His team chose Plural to help with the deployment of open-source applications on K8’s.

Ryan and Bhavin of Kubernetes Bytes recently sat down with Michael Guarino to discuss the challenges associated with deploying applications consistently across different Kubernetes distributions and how Plural solves that problem.

Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast
Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free.

Unable to catch our product demo last week? There’s still time to go check it out below.

Plural Showcase: January 2023 | Plural

Community Growth

Since our last newsletter, we had 35 members join our discord bringing our membership to 457.

Check out our new community page.

Connect with us

If you love what we’re doing and want to join our team, head over to our careers page! If you don’t see your role there or want to come hang out with us, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord!

If you haven’t already, check out the project on GitHub (drop us a star ⭐ if you’re feeling generous), and stay up to date with what we’re up to on our Twitter account.

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