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SolutionAccelerate Your Path to Compliance

Accelerate your road to compliance with a platform that makes it easy to build secure and compliant infrastructure.
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Building infrastructure in a compliant way takes expertise and slows teams down

Building for compliance is tedious when it involves a comprehensive set of requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. The alternatives are non-appealing when it comes to using managed services that increase risk for security exposures or data leaks, not to mention adding significant cost to your infrastructure.

Build securely, minimize risk, lower cost and retain control of all data

Minimize your exposure to 3rd party services and maintain complete control over your data infrastructure by using Plural to deploy in your environment. Plural deploys into your cloud account giving you complete control over your infrastructure. We receive none of your data and no access to your cloud access. The latest application upgrades and security patches are delivered directly to your cluster and applied in a sequenced manner with no down time.

Used by fast-moving teams at

  • CoachHub
  • Digitas
  • Fnatic
  • FSN Capital
  • Justos
  • Mott Mac

How Plural works

We make it easy to securely deploy and manage open-source applications in your cloud.

Select from 90+ open-source applications

Get any stack you want running in minutes, and never think about upgrades again.

Securely deployed on your cloud with your git

You control everything. No need to share your cloud account, keys, or data.

Designed to be fully customizable

Built on Kubernetes and using standard infrastructure as code with Terraform and Helm.

Maintain & Scale with Plural Console

Interactive runbooks, dashboards, and Kubernetes api visualizers give an easy-to-use toolset to manage application operations.

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Screenshot of app installation in Plural app

Case StudyHow Digitas Standardized Application Deployment by Using Plural

When onboarding a new client, Digitas has to:

  • Spin up a brand new K8s environment for the particular client
  • Configure everything to ensure it is running smoothly (usually involves writing custom Terraform scripts)
  • Ensure all applications are good to go for production

Rather than continuing to do this manual process themselves, Digitas chose Plural to help them deploy open-source applications on Kubernetes.

“Plural creates an optimal setup to install these applications on Kubernetes and Postgres databases that back each one. Having all of the batteries included is a win for me and the team.”

Digitas’ Data Stack


Plural is open-source and self-hosted. You retain full control over your deployments in your cloud. We perform automated testing and upgrades and provide out-of-the-box Day 2 operational workflows. Monitor, manage, and scale your configuration with ease to meet changing demands of your business. Read more.

We support deploying on all major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. We also support all on-prem Kubernetes clusters, including OpenShift, Tanzu, Rancher, and others.

No, Plural does not have access to any cloud environments when deployed through the CLI. We generate deployment manifests in the Plural Git repository and then use your configured cloud provider's CLI on your behalf. We cannot perform anything outside of deploying and managing the manifests that are created in your Plural Git repository. However, Plural does have access to your cloud credentials when deployed through the Cloud Shell. Read more.

Build your custom stack with Plural

Build your custom stack with over 90+ apps in the Plural Marketplace.

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